(Not 'Deis)

How Many Miles Must We March?
Fish:  Sandy San-D, California
Schneider:  Beantown, Massachusetts
Gris:  The Wormy Apple, New York
Jaque:  Just Peachy, Georgia & Spacey, California
Freez:  Camden Yards, Maryland
DK:  La La Land, California & Frontierland, New Mexico
Lisha:  Arrogance, Massachusetts
Kate:  Suburbia, Maryland
Hass:  Girltown, Massachusetts (formerly Artifact, Virginia)
Eliaii:  Cold, New York
Barrett:  Happyville, California
Gemma:  Georgie, District of Columbia
Shan:  Nowhere, Massachusetts & Duckland, Oregon (formerly Shakespeare, Oregon)
Sarah:  Catholic, Indiana
Paige:  Embassy, District of Columbia
Vet:  Snowbound, Colorado
Marps:  Drinky Drinky, New Mexico
McBigot:  Battleship, Maryland
Chaz:  the world may never know
Steve-o:  Political America, District of Columbia
Gandhi:  immortality
Maddy (not pictured):  Rural, Massachusetts

(@ 'Deis)

PICTURED:  The Stini-Bopper, Arrrriela, Mesco, Gregor, Booty Cow, Pelta-Heller, Brandzy, Drew, NikNik, Nivey-Nive, Bigger Bison, Rusty, Zirkinism, ZimZim, & Spuhhling.
NOT PICTURED:  Next-Door Manor, BeckerBoy, GardDawg, Shwin-P, & of course all the Debate Kids.

People I'd love to find from back in the proverbial day:
Pete Kamarchik
Lauren Harper
James Ou
John Grotz (aka John Hill)
Bobby Longo
Tony Cox
Cisco Treharne
Amber Fenske

Someday, we'll all go home again.