C'mon, Play Me!
Left to right, it's myself, a chess board, & Gris.
My friends & I have been playing chess since before the dawn of time.  Or maybe that was the little kingdoms of India that were doing that.  Either way, my first introduction to Gris was through chess club (he never showed up, but Jake insisted on putting his name on the ladder, which bugged me, since his name was always above mine, even though I was 1-0 lifetime against Adam Francis!)... ever since, it's been a long legacy.  Remarkably enough, this was not a scene from the Senior Commons, but rather from Fish's place sophomore year in sandy San-D.  Ay!  Pimpslap!  You like dat?
I was the only one who won this game.

Scared of the Swazi Defense & the Offensive King?  We May Go Into the Lair, But We'd Never Follow You Home...