2005 Blue Pyramid Blog Plaudits
The best of the blogs...  Three nifty categories...  The BPBP's!
[Emotional Honesty] [Humor] [New Blog]

This award is given to the blog that most symbolizes what I personally value about blogging, which is a sweeping openness about one's emotional realities and a fearless willingness to describe what one is thinking.

Beth Mandel's Song in Her Sky has overwhelmingly been brave enough to represent the author's thoughts, feelings, ups, and downs, without any concern for the consequences.

This award is given to the blog that is most likely to make one laugh in any given entry.

Helen Rosner's ReadySteadyGo., despite being absent from posting for around a year, came storming back with irreverent humor and vitriolic lambastes in the last seven months of the year.

This award goes to the blog that was started in the year of the award & demonstrates the most potential for growth, as well as establishing itself early as a quality daily read.

Matt Frese's The Iceman Cometh has demonstrated a willingness to post frequently, and is an early contender for next year's Humor award.

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