On September 29, 2008, in a historic move, the US House of Representatives courageously rejected a $700,000,000,000 bailout bill proposed by the Bush administration, with the support of the Speaker of the House, the Secretary of the Treasury, and both major party Presidential candidates. The ability of the House to stand up to such pressure was proof that there was some shred of hope for democracy left in America.

Four days later, 59 Representatives betrayed this hope and turned their back on the interests of the people, voting to pass the bailout.

Many cited small provisions of the revised bill as the inspiration for their vote change, most of which help only very wealthy Americans under the guise of "middle class relief". Others liked the unrelated spending on unrelated special interests that was packaged into the bill.

So, which Bailout Betrayer are you? We offer you this quiz not to celebrate the 59 who turned their backs on the American people, but to hold them accountable and publicize their actions. With this quiz, you can both let off some steam and learn more about this pivotal disaster in American history while preparing for the Greatest Depression ahead.